Just as what we said for Naples, there are of course plenty of ways to go from Rome to Ischia. Rome, Italy’s capital, is also home to its biggest airports and a must go stop for everyone that comes visiting our country for the first time.

However, how could you really enjoy the “Bella Vita” without moving to the south to enjoy some more sun, sea and food (plus plenty of wine of course).

So let’s see how to go from Rome to Ischia.

1. Private Transfers: Effortless Travel Seamless Journeys:

Embark on a relaxed and hassle-free journey with a private transfers from Rome to Ischia. Most transfer companies, knowing how important is the Rome stop for tourist, now ensure a direct transfer from the Eternal City till Ischia. All of this while offering a personalized experience, from your location in Rome to the enchanting shores of Ischia.

Door-to-Port Service:

Enjoy the luxury of door-to-port service, ensuring a smooth transition from Rome to the ferry terminal. Professional drivers and modern vehicles make your travel experience comfortable and stress-free.

2. Train and Ferry: A Scenic Voyage

Train to Naples:

Take a train from Rome to Naples, immersing yourself in the picturesque Italian landscapes.
The two main stations that you can pick for your train are either Roma Termini or Roma Tiburtina, with the former being the larger one. With trains departing almost every 20 minutes, you will be able to choose between a more expensive and faster connection or a cheaper but slower one. Superfast trains take around 90 minutes to complete the Rome-Naples connection, while slow ones, called Intercity, can take up to 3 hours.

Once in Naples Stazione di Porta Garibaldi, you will be able to either take a private transfer, a taxi, or public transport toward Napoli Port. (See dedicated page for more info).

Ferry from Naples to Ischia:

Board a ferry from the main port of Naples to Ischia, enjoying breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea along the way. 

3. Renting a Car: Freedom to Roam

Independence on Wheels:

For those seeking independence, consider renting a car in Rome. Enjoy the flexibility to explore Ischia at your own pace, taking in the sights and sounds of the island’s diverse landscapes.

Car Ferry Option:

If you choose to bring your rented vehicle, explore the option of taking a car ferry from Naples to Ischia. You will have to pay an extra price to bring your car onboard, but this will allow you to continue your journey on the island with the convenience of your own transportation.

* DISCLAIMER *: During High season, due to traffic incidence and amount of tourist, it’s not possible to bring cars from the mainland and you will have to rent yours with a Car dealer in Ischia.

Scheduling and Booking:

Consider your preferences for travel time, budget, and convenience when choosing your transportation option. For a stress-free experience, book your private transfers in advance.

Contact us for Assistance:

Should you need assistance, personalized recommendations, or private transfer bookings, we will be happy to support you to plan your journey from Rome to Ischia and make it a memorable one.

Embark on Your Roman-Ischia Voyage

Choose the transportation option that aligns with your travel style and preferences. Whether you opt for private transfers, a scenic train journey, or the freedom of a rented car, Ischia awaits with its Mediterranean charm.